Volda University College


Our four faculties cover a wide range of subjects from administration and planning, music, art and design, drama and theatre, history, culture, religion, ICT, maths, outdoor life, teacher training to media and journalism, animation, special pedagogics, social sciences and languages.
Volda – a college town The 3000 students at Volda University College add a considerable number to Volda’s 8000 inhabitants as well as constitute an important cultural and economic source for the community. Volda’s character is due to the special mix of students. Here we find students flying in from all parts of Norway, but more importantly, we have a lot of international students. You could easily say that Volda appears somewhat international, even though it’s a rather small university college almost at the top of the globe. Many national organizations and societies have formed local groups in Volda, some primarily for students, others for local people and students alike: political groups, religious groups, sports clubs, charities as well as clubs for various hobbies and activities. Numerous choirs, bands and orchestras enrich the cultural life in Volda. Volda University College has its own choir and climbers. symphony orchestra. Every week there are several concerts – pop, rock, jazz – down at the student’s union «Rokken». Volda is situated in one of Norway’s many beautiful fjords and surrounded by magnificent mountains, which offer many opportunities for active outdoor life. Skiers will find tracks, ski lifts and downhill courses especially attractive, conditions for windsurfing, deep-sea fishing and angling are excellent, and the mountains are a haven for hikers


Fylke: Møre og Romsdal
TLF:+47 7007 5000


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