MF – Det teologiske Menighetsfakultet


Welcome to Oslo and MF Norwegian School of Theology! You won’t find another city quite like Oslo. Here, you take your cake and you eat it too! The fjord in the summer, the forest in the winter, city-life all year round and congregations of all shapes and sizes. If you like diversity and variety, you will easily enjoy yourself here. MF Norwegian School of Theology is centrally located at Majorstuen, with its busy city life. Several hundred people pass through the doors each day. The Student Café just inside is at times packed full of people, and between lectures, the ground floor is bustling with activity. Just one floor up, students are hard at work in the library and computer room. Together, these two floors characterize the relationship between knowledge and personal growth, which are the main ingredients of life as a student at MF. Undergraduate Programs: – Introductory Studies in Christianity and Religious and Ethical Education – Introductory Studies in Cross-Cultural Communication – Bachelor in Theology – Bachelor in Youth Ministry – Bachelor in Christian and Religious Education – Ex.phil and Ex.fac – Intermediate Studies in Christian and Religious Education and Religion and Esthetics – Courses in Pentecostal Theology – Courses in Catholic Theology – Courses in Methodist Theology – Professional Degree in Theology and Ministry (cand.theol.) Master Programs: – Professional Master in Christian Education (part-time) – Master of Theology – Master of Philosophy in Theology – Master in Educational Ministry – Master in Diaconal Ministry
MF has two chaplains, a large library and resource center with individual reading desks, two computer rooms, a café, an exercise room, a gymnasium and a student lounge. The building is equipped to suit those who are physically challenged. The Foundation for Student Life in Oslo (SiO) offers students the services of social workers, psychologists, physicians and a chaplain, as well as many student cafeterias, libraries and bookstores. Student Association: As a student you should participate actively in academic and social activities, such as open student assemblies, theme days, discussion fora etc. You can be a member of the Student Association Board, the Student Academic Board, the Student Life Comittee, be a guide for new students, or you can contribute your own ideas.


Fylke: Oslo
TLF:+47 22 59 05 00


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