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European Helicopter Center: -Europe’s leading helicopter academy, established in 1993 -Our goal is to present the best pilots on the market, and to be the preferred choice for recruiting new pilots to the helicopter companies -We offer international students the best classroom tuition under JAR FCL -Our location, combined with highly educated and dedicated instructors give our students the best education in the most challenging conditions -We have secondary bases , where mountain and bush training is carried out -We offer the best international training in Norwegian conditions
JAA/N-CAA Requirements for the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL-H). The CPL-H License requirements as established by the N-CAA (JAA) are: The candidate must be 18 years of age. He/she must possess a Class 1 Medical Approval, issued by the Norwegian Medical Board or equivalent European JAA-approved Medical Board or approved Flight Surgeons. He/she must be of normal health and eyesight (correction glasses or lenses within tolerances +/- 3 are acceptable). The Licensing Authority (NCAA) requires a statement warranting a clean criminal record issued by the local police or legal authorities. Minor offences recorded, may be judged irrelevant by the NCAA.


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