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EHC is the largest North European flight academy for helicopter pilots and has for many years trained pilots for the domestic and international markets.
EHC integrated training was chosen as we experienced that the students get a more efficient learning and better results when theory and flying training are integrated and progress simultaneously contrary to the old modular training model.
The main educational goals are: (a) to instil in each student a high level of flight safety awareness and a professional attitude (airmanship) (b) to ensure that the required theoretical knowledge is absorbed and fully understood and (c) to achieve superior practical helicopter flying skills.
The CPL-H License requirements as established by the N-CAA (JAA) are: The candidate must be 18 years of age. He/she must possess a Class 1 Medical Approval, issued by the Norwegian Medical Board or equivalent European JAA–approved Medical Board or approved Flight Surgeons. He/she must be of normal health and eyesight (correction glasses or lenses within tolerances +/- 3 are acceptable). The Licensing Authority (NCAA) requires a statement warranting a clean criminal record issued by the local police or legal authorities. Minor offences recorded, may be judged irrelevant by the NCAA.
See on our website cpl-h application-procedure.


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